Dhima na Dira

Mission and Objective for the period 2017/2018 – 2021/22. It is therefore, expected that the effective and efficient implementation of this plan will be achieved if employees will adhere to TTB Core Value indicated below:


Tanzania, the leading and preferred tourist destination in Africa.

To promote Tourism by using modern and relevant tools to achieve higher socio-economic development in Tanzania.

TTB staff shall exercise openness, impartiality, accuracy and promptness in sharing the information with the stakeholders.

Accountability and Responsibility: TTB employees shall be accountable and responsible for the actions, exercise diligence to duty and optimum use of resources.

Competence, Discipline and Team Spirit:TTB employees shall demonstrate high level of commitment by working together, collaborating and coordinating in discharging their duties, while striving to achieve the highest standard of work efficiently and actively seek for opportunities to improve those standards through competence and skills training.

Innovativeness: Whenever possible TTB employees are expected to be innovative and embrace modern technology so as to be able to adapt to the fast changing environment undertaking their duties.

Quality Customer Service: TTB staff shall demonstrate high level of respect, impartiality, courtesy, timeliness in the course of discharging their duties so that customers will leave TTB with better expected at all time.